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  • All prices are GROSS FACTORY PRICES.
  • On the total amount of your orders, we add our service rates - and 4% in case you choose to pay by credit card. (See payments for detailed information on other ways of payments.)
  • We ship every order with a copy of the factory purchase order.
    Our service rates are very reasonable and we are confident we are the best value around.
    We only charge:
    -10% of order value of $1,000-10,000,
    -7.5% of order value of $10,000-50,000,
    -5% of order value of more than $50,000.

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    Production Process

    Every resin figurine and statue is a sign and reflection of hand craftmanship that has been passed down for many generations, as Chiang Mai has been the center of hand made products since the ancient times. You can see the effort of special care and attention put into every piece which has to go through 8 detailed steps of production until it is ready to be shipped.

    Step 1:
    Mix resin and stone powder to produce the figurine or statue body.
    Step 2:
    Scrape off the sharp edges of the resin figurine or statue.
    Step 3:
    Polish the figurine or statue to add smoothness and shape to the body.
    Step 4:
    Fine sand the figurine or statue to add extra smoothness and shape to the body.
    Step 5:
    Insert the body of the figurine or statue into boiling color until the color is well absorbed into the surface.
    Step 6:
    Spread out the color evenly with a brush.
    Step 7:
    Polish the figurine or statue to give the color an extra shine.
    Step 8:
    The last step is to wipe the figurine or statue to bring out an elaborate color.

    And now you have a fine looking resin figurine or statue ready to be shipped world wide!

    Our buying agent team is run by Carmel JAFARI, who has many years of experience in price negotiation, having grown up with Chiang Mai's Night Bazaar (the wellknown local market). Carmel is a graduate of the Chiang Mai International School and Chiang Mai University where he majored in Mass Communication. He also participates in the management of his family's jewelry and buying agency business.
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