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1) S.W.I.F.T. Bank transfer.

Destination bank: SIAM COMMERCIAL BANK.
With the S.W.I.F.T. system, the transfer usually does not pass middle banks that take additional charges. At anytime, the S.W.I.F.T. center can trace and investigate a transfer either from the sending or the receiving S.W.I.F.T. station. We can suggest a bank in your country that has operation with our destination bank. Further information can be provided.

2) Moneygram.

This is a service of Thomas Cook and American Express (Not all countries have the service - please contact for further information).
This only takes one day whereas bank transfer takes 3-5 days.
You go to the moneygram servicer and tell our name and bank - and you will be given a code. You then e-mail the code to us and we give the code to the bank here and withdraw the money.

The bank will charge 0.25% and the minimum is 200ß. A 100ß service fee will always be added to the commission charge so actually total minimum charge is 300ß.

3) International Money Order.

You go to the bank of your choice and issue one to our name, then mail it to us and we go to cash it. We are able to get it cashed almost immediately - and thus to pay for your order almost immediately.

SHIRAZ, Co., Ltd.
170 Thapae Rd, Chiangmai

4) Credit Card On-line.

We process your payment through the gateways of UNITED OVERSEAS BANK CYBERBANKING. There is an extra charge of 4% for the use of this service with us.

We intend to offer this payment option for SAMPLE orders. As a policy, we do NOT accept credit card payments for orders above USD 2,000.

Our buying agent team is run by Carmel JAFARI, who has many years of experience in price negotiation, having grown up with Chiang Mai's Night Bazaar (the wellknown local market). Carmel is a graduate of the Chiang Mai International School and Chiang Mai University where he majored in Mass Communication. He also participates in the management of his family's jewelry and buying agency business.
SHIRAZ, Co., Ltd.
170 Thapae Rd, Chiang Mai, THAILAND
Tel: (66) (053) 252382 Fax: (66) (053) 252381
Direct Mobile: (66) (1) 8853122

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